Moroccan Leather Handbag

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If you are looking for a leather handbag, then this might just be the thing! Our bags are beautifully made and the perfect size

The best chouse For shopping It can hold All your stuff comfortably Or can Be an everyday bag It has large space for your books, laptop, and all your daily utensil



If you are looking for a Moroccan Leather Handbag, then this might just be the thing! Our bags are beautifully made and the perfect size.

This Moroccan Leather Handbag very durable and especially resistant to use and the passage of time. We only use real leather, which feels very soft and silky. You can use your leather bag every day and it will retain its shape and texture for a long long time! 
It does not need maintenance. We adapt our designs according to the characteristics of each leather so that each model is unique and special.

Long use will make the leather softer and darker color, provides additional charm.

Genuine leather items, leather tanned
All process handmade, cutting, dying, stamping, finishing, polishing…
Handcrafted created from scratch to finish, we dye stitch and generally love our leather

we passionate about what we create and yes we DO have flaws we just not afraid of them, we would like to think our customers feel the same passion


Due to the nature of handmade products, may show natural blemishes such as range marks, scars, etc…
These blemishes or minor size differentiations, which are parts of the charm of a handmade product never affect the comprehensive esthetical texture of your product and its ability for use as designed

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Moroccan Leather Handbag


-High 38

-Width 30

-comes with 2 inside pockets and an outside one in the back.

-Adjustable strap

-Available in 5 colors!

-100% handmade.